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A Lovely Melody to Fight Against Racism

by Alvien & Anira

COVID-19 has impacted people from various walks of life. Starting with the tourism industry, culinary arts, sports, and entertainment, to name a few. COVID-19 made its initial appearance in Wuhan, China. The COVID-19 virus was created by the Chinese people, according to the global community. Racism has existed in the United States for a long time. The most common thing we hear is racism directed toward black people. Racism, on the other hand, appears to afflict all immigrants and persons of mixed heritage in the United States. Historically, people who are bloodied Chinese-American have been bullied. And, unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is increasing racism against Chinese-Americans. Slanted eyes, according to Native Americans, are to blame for the pandemic. They are making broad generalizations about Asians. "Asian Hate" is the name of this action. From the physical to the mental, Chinese-American society has been thoroughly oppressed. Many Chinese-Americans eventually came to the streets to protest. 88rising, on the other hand, takes a unique approach to fight injustice.

88rising put organized an online concert to protest Asian hate. “Asia Rising Together” is the title of the show. The proceeds from this online concert were donated to the "Asian Mental Health Collective." 88rising wants to show that fighting something (in this case racism) does not require violence, instead, we can fight it with beautiful melody. Artists from the 88rising label performed at this online concert. KOAD, Luna Li, mxmtoon, NIKI, Seori, Tiger JK, and other major stars from 88rising label performed at Asia Rising Together, which was broadcast live on 88rising Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and SiriusXM channels on May 26 at 7 p.m. PT.

It is no longer an issue for 88rising with the implementation of an online concert. Instead, 88rising uses online concerts to give a unique experience for viewers at home. Each artist has a unique setting, such as a home, a street, a forest, and so on. They have a monologue on how they feel about "Asian hate" before they sing. They talked about their upbringing, how they were bullied because of their color, and so on. “Asia Rising Together” is more than just a music event, it also includes an interview with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan and Sean Miyashiro, the founder of 88rising. They talked about how racism had become pervasive in the United States. This interview is like RZA's black representative interview and Sean's Asian-American representative interview. There was also a session for Mai Abe, a representative from the Asian Mental Health Collective, at "Asia Rising Together." Mai sings while performing against a wooden bridge in a forest. She plays percussion and sings the phrase "I allow surrender, I allow belief. Hopes and fears are illuminating, just breathe.” Mai encourages the audience to take a breath and then exhale before she sings and plays her percussion. When confronted with racism, this segment seeks to help Asian-Americans relax and let go of their fear and anxiety. There's also a segment when Ocean Vuong (a poet) delivers his own poem, which expresses his feelings on racism against Asian-Americans. Following that, he was interviewed by Burdock Media about his own experience with racism. The special performance of Niki, Rich Brian, and Warren Tone at the conclusion of the occasion made the 88rising “Asia Rising Together” Benefit Concert indeed more climax.

88Rising appears to be growing quickly based on the amount of newcomers performing. Several of the displays were more intriguing and unique than usual, and a couple of them even used the camera and were more loose with their own choreography. This concert and all of the performers are incredible, especially considering the amazing cause, which is to help end the hatred against Asians. 88rising reminds us to stay together in the face of broad change that is affecting the lives of the majority of people on the planet. We must continue to look at each other rather than hating each other. Hopefully, 88rising Asia Rising Together Benefit Concert will serve as a model for many other online concert events to build events with excellent intentions, more innovations, and the best execution of their ideas.

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