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Amanda Vaharani is Back - With Her Latest Hit “Haruskah Kau Lupakan”

An article written by Keisha Nuriel Ananda

Amanda Vaharani, who was qualified in the Singer Global Audition hosted by SM Entertainment in South Korea and collaborated in the 4th dr. Bram’s Project Takdir Cinta , is back with the release of her latest hit Haruskah Kau Lupakan with a ballad genre and a touch of R&B elements. The release of Haruskah Kau Lupakan was inspired from a love story where no roadblocks were anticipated in the relationship, yet one of them abandons the other half in the cold without any explanation. Amanda then further explains the backstory of her new hit, in which the person who abandons the relationship acts as though nothing had happened when they finally got the opportunity to reunite despite all the memories they shared together.

The process of making her new hit, filled with excitement and challenges, was indeed a thrilling experience for Amanda. It all started when her producer thought that Amanda was a perfect fit for the hit, and finally opted to tailor the song in order to suit her taste and style in music. Although the hit was initially given half-way done and was purely in the form of musical notes,followed by required adjustments and arrangements, Amanda was finally able to proceed to the recording process which took no longer than 3 months. “It was my very first attempt shooting a music video, assisted by my two mates. I recalled making a mood board, agreeing on a theme, and selecting the right color palette for the music video,” said Amanda enthusiastically as she recounted her music video making experience before finally releasing her hit on selected music platforms.

Despite the fact that Amanda’s passion for music drove her to dive into the music industry, her academics will remain as her foremost priority in the meantime. “Frankly speaking, the music industry always fluctuates. You’ll never know when you’ll be at the top or at the bottom of your career. As I grow older, I feel like it is necessary to have a backup plan although it does not completely guarantee your success in life” Amanda said in the interview. A big part of who Amanda has become as an artist is shaped by all the other artists she listened to and how she continues to be inspired by them. When it comes to her singing style, Amanda is heavily influenced by Raisa, Snoh Aalegra, and SZA who makes her keen to explore more on RnB and Ballad music in the future.

Following her previous collaboration with dr. Bram’s K-drama inspired album namely Takdir Cinta, with lyrics sung in Korean, Amanda is planning to release the song’s Indonesian version as her upcoming project this year. “As ghosting has occurred much between people around us, I hope that I can release a hit which revolves around that act which aims to support my listeners through their tough moments,” said Amanda regarding her next to-do-list as an artist. Just like any other artists in the music industry, Amanda has also set long-term goals as she pursues this path. She aspires to release her very own album featuring artists like Diskoria in her own tracks and even wishes to take the stage in Gelora Bung Karno. Amanda also hopes to establish a community centered on achieving maturity and self-development once she becomes a well-known artist.

Amanda’s experience in the music industry has taught her that there are various factors that contribute to the success of an artist. Other than steadily refining their talents bit by bit, a successful artist also contributes their sentiments profoundly into the creation of the piece that they are working on. “Producing our own creation as an artist is never an easy task since there are frequently competing demands from ourselves and the audience” Amanda mentioned, in which these intersecting demands often create a difference in idealism between the artist and the public. Only working hard in the industry, as Amanda said in the beginning of the interview, does not ensure success. It is always ideal to make an adequate quantity of music that corresponds to the needs of her listeners. Amanda then closes the interview by mentioning her idealism as an artist - “I always tell my stories through music, and it has always been my purpose to show my audience my growth as a person through the music I create.”

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