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By Vigo Mahesa and Yudha Prayoga

Alya Syahrani, a young singer-songwriter from Jakarta, came back with a new single called Intertwined, which has a dreamy pop feel. Inspired by her own personal experience. “Intertwined recites a person's self-doubt about his relationship. Even when the circumstances change, there’s always a reason why the two are still linked,” said the 20 years old singer. "Sometimes, ending a relationship with someone who has a lot of memories is difficult, and this song tells about the situation in a melancholy tone," she added. Alya chose a dreamy pop nuance for the melody of this song because she wanted to give a new and fresh color different from the first single she released last year. Alya was fully supported over the creation by her producer, Khalishah Isyana.

Music has been a big part of her life ever since she was a kid. Learned to play music by lessons she partook in as a child and began to focus on music when she started professional music production. Back then, she often participated in various music events such as singing competitions. Bruno Major had influenced her to write this song, the uniqueness and warmth kinda feeling of his song inspired her a lot to finish ‘Intertwined’. In her latest single, she is trying to discover her true colors in the industry by experimenting with dream pop and later finds that her new single fits more her music style. Even though she is comfortable with this style of music, she is not hesitant to try different types of music in the future. She mentions that compared to her last song, she is blunter to herself lyrically and musically in making this song. She likes the part “maybe what's left from the past are two wounded hearts”, which is added in the last lyrics of the music because these lyrics sum up the whole music.

With this brand new single, she hopes that people can relate with the story behind the lyrics. After the release of her new song, she has no fixed plans for the upcoming project. Despite the circumstances she is currently writing another song for the next project. There is still more to come for the young singer and songwriter and she hopes that she can make a living with her passion of music and will create more music in the future.

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