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Kelana – Debut Single by Self-Made Musician, Jazeed: An Undeniably Pleasing Tune

written by Rayana Anargya

Jazeed Parama Abidin has proudly released his debut single “Kelana” on Spotify at the beginning of his musical career. This slow-flowing yet pleasant debut single started off with his trip to Japan where he began to write and arrange the music for this song. Jazeed’s debut single cover was taken in Japan, showing a stranger in one of Japan’s train stations. Before his trip to Japan, Jazeed read a novel by Tere Liye that tells about how people react when they are separated from their loved ones, not due to a fight or other problems, but because they had passed away.

The word “Kelana” itself in the dictionary means to travel everywhere without a specific purpose. This is Jazeed’s point of view when he was in Japan, being in a country full of people you don’t know, going to places you have never been before. “Kelana” was inspired by The Beatles “Till There Was You” and if you listen carefully you might find some similarity between these two. The only difference is The Beatles is a full band whereas Jazeed is a solo artist.

The process of making this debut single was a new experience for Jazeed since it was his first time producing, mixing, and mastering a song all by himself (although he did say that his sibling, who apparently knew a little bit about producing music, helped him out a little in this process). Other than that, Jazeed did everything with only his knowledge from Youtube. The making of this single took about 2 to 3 days.

In this debut single, Jazeed started writing the lyrics first, then finding what theme would be best for the whole song, also trying to be really honest about what he feels and what he has gone through. The style Jazeed plays in “Kelana” is with an electric guitar, but he sets the theme to be more simplistic.

Song covers and collaboration songs with friends, mainly uploaded in Soundcloud, were Jazeed’s first steps in music. To Jazeed, when college, work, and many other things make him feel stressed out, music has always been a medium to relieve himself. Diving into the music industry, he is now a beginner in using Spotify professionally and is considering changing his digital platform from Soundcloud to Spotify.

There are a couple of reasons why Jazeed has the guts to encourage himself to be able to venture into the music industry. “I start to encourage myself because I am young, I will never stop learning, and I also happen to have many experiences when I was in BSO Band. I learned so many things, talked with lots of people, and my friends also supported me,” Jazeed said when we interviewed him.

“Nuansa tengah kota yang selaras dengan gubahan musik di era 70–80an bersama dentingan rhythm gitar yang direferensi dari permainan Antonio Carlos Jobim serta suara xylophone ditengah lagu yang membuat lagu ini cocok untuk perjalanan kita saat matahari mulai berangsur jingga.”

There is a strong touch of the 70s–80s era in this song because one of Jazeed’s sources of inspiration in writing this song is through the music he listened to when making this debut single. At the moment, he likes to listen to Brazilian Bossa Nova songs from the 70s–80s era that Jazeed says has a “unique way of expressing music”.

In writing his music, the three artists that have a heavy influence are The Beatles (because he has listened to their music since he was a kid), Stevie Wonder, and Candra Darusman. So, he usually incorporates his inspiration from these artists in his music.

Jazeed has several people who he calls his “muse”. First of all is his closest friend, Pras, who is the 8th Music Gallery’s Project Officer. Pras said that Jazeed has a talent in music and rather than putting his talent to waste, it would be better if he explored his ability through simple things he can do himself, like doing a recording at his house.

Launching his first single is like his first stepping stone. Other than Pras, Jazeed’s other muse who has a special place in his heart is his girlfriend, who was the one who liked to be his sharing partner when he was producing a song. During that time, his girlfriend liked to ask him about when the single would be launched, and he can finally answer now.

Next month, Jazeed plans on releasing an upcoming double single, which is different from his debut single because “Kelana” is in full Bahasa Indonesia where this upcoming double single will be in full english. He also wants to start writing songs again, planning to release his debut album by the end of this year.

At the moment, Jazeed is working on projects such as musical scoring for short movies and an ongoing collaboration with a producer, with the music being more towards Soul R&B and Disco. Jazeed’s hope for the music world in the future is that many people who have their own songs or write their own music should encourage themselves to get out there, release their songs on any digital platforms, and don’t be scared because there is no right or wrong. So whatever your music taste is, let it be, and don’t bother what people might say as long as deep in your heart, you’re happy.

Nowadays people don't judge others based on what music genre they listen to, but now people are more open to anything because in the end, we all love music and music is what brings people together.

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