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Mudswing: Para Mi Amor, The Stories Behind it All

written by Farrel Moechamad

Mudswing: Para Mi Amor is a debut album proudly released by Saska Diandra on April 24th 2020. Mudswing, derived from the term mood swings, is defined as rapid changes in mood, reflected in Saska’s album through her songs with varying moods.

Meanwhile, “Para Mi Amor” is taken from Spanish, meaning “for my love”.

Saska’s album contains stories about the beloved people in her life, be it lovers, parents, ex-lovers, or just fellow human beings. In her album, there are 11 songs with different values of life, each song having its own story to be told.

Mudswing: Para Mi Amor has varying levels of seriousness, starting with “Sneaxy,” a song focused not on an extensive backstory, but rather on mood. “Sneaxy” reflects a moment when Saska’s mood is so good it makes her feel good about herself. Meanwhile, Saska’s previously released “Questioning” tells us about her dilemmas, her questioning of life and her beliefs. Saska says that she surely does believe in the love of her god, yet sometimes falling in love pushes her to commit sins.

Slowing down the tunes, “Heaps” is a song made specially for Saska’s lover, a faithful reminder for him to always believe in himself and to stop being insecure. “Heaps” also comes in an instrumental version called “Heheheaps”. Saska’s first debut single, “Nibble” also receives the instrumental treatment through “I’m Nibbling (So I Can’t Sing),” providing a familiar but refreshing take on the single released in 2019.

“Adora” is another slow tune, inspired by the moment Saska hugged her boyfriend for the first time. Saska remembers being utterly grateful for being able to meet each other and to share beautiful memories together. On the other side of the spectrum, “Requiem” reimagines toxic relationships, ones that cause people to desperately scream for the purest form of love.

Overall, the songs in Mudswing: Para Mi Amor differ in tone and even genre, the rapid changes in the music akin to mood swings. The album’s contrast in mood is handled quite well, often helped by the differentiating music beats. The stories behind each song make them increasingly interesting, and the music composition has a sense of value from Saska’s stories, offering a chance to relive those stories through music. Mudswing: Para Mi Amor is proof of how Saska Diandra’s experiences are stepping up her music career, personally and intimately through 11 well-written songs.

The fact that every people in the meantime will be left out by their beloved people, such as parents will not live over centuries seeing their children growing until there old, “Lullaby” are appreciations to parents and desperation through tough times seeing their beloved parents fall asleep forever. This song wasn’t her experience but she wrote it for feeling and imagining about people seeing their beloved parents dying. Relationship will have tough and desperate moments, “Fragile”, were times that she was broken-hearted because she might think her lover will leave her and the song are a bit moody yet still good for her. Lastly is about a wave of anger to all the people who left her, “Doa dicukupkan” are meant for her prayers to all those people.

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