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The Unexpected Collaboration Show

By Alvien & Anira

“The Unexpected Collaboration Show” is a music show event hosted by “A Virtual Music Celebration” ( that features collaborations with Indonesian musicians that no one expected to happen. Three performances are collaborating in this event. There are Pamungkas x Dewa 19, Kunto Aji x Jamrud, and Endah n Rhesa x Vincent and Desta. This event was held on June 12, 19, and 26, 2021.

Endah n Rhesa worked together with Vincent and Desta to bring the concept "tribute to Koes Plus" to life. They presented 8 Koes Plus songs that they had modified in their own way. Bus sekolah, Bujangan, Kolam susu, Manis dan sayang, Kembali ke Jakarta, Pelangi, Jemu, Kapan-kapan are the eight songs. That way we can listen to fresh Koes Plus songs because we haven't heard Koes Plus songs with such arrangements before. This collaboration intends to highlight the works created by Koes Plus. With the tunes they sing, their performance makes us nostalgic. The graphics displayed are likewise designed to appear vintage. Vincent desta conduct in introducing their unique antics added to the enjoyment of the performance. This performance was one of the best this year due to the fullness of the new song arrangements and good visuals.

Dewa 19 is a legendary Indonesian band that performed a very grand virtual music celebration alongside Pamungkas. The event opened with the performance of the “Dewi” song with Dewa 19 and Virzha as the vocalist. The next performance includes the songs “Still Can't Call Your Name” and “Live Forever” by Dewa 19 x Pamungkas. Not less Impressive, Dewa 19 continues to perform a song by Pamungkas entitled To The Bone with Jessica. In this performance, there are several. arrangements changed to give a strong impression of Dewa 19’s version of "To The Bone" which is quite different and no less spectacular than the original version. Not just that, the next performance is brought back by Pamungkas x Dewa 19, where they perform the song “Pupus”, “Risalah Hati”, and to end with the song “Cintakan Membawamu Kembali”. Their collaborative performances are very lively and magnificent with everything they broadcasted including audio, visual, and the musicians. Very sharp video shoots are supported by lighting that exposes an elegant impression and supported by a black nuanced stage to show off the masculinity and splendor of their collaborative performance. The presented audio is very smooth and beautiful wrapped with various musical instruments, elegant arrangements, and beautiful harmonization. This is the performance w that the Indonesian people have been waiting for to treat their yearning desire to watch a music concert.

Kunto Aji and Zamrud band work together in the unexpected collaboration show bringing us a very unique music experience. The collaboration of these 2 artists from very different genres, Pop & Rock brings a fresh perspective that music with very different nuances can collaborate and create something worth hearing. They presented their own original songs with tweaks on the arrangements of the songs creating a new version of the song. The performance opens with the song “Kabarmu” by Zamrud performed by Kunto Aji with a jazzy nuance, very different from the original song. The next performance brought Kunto’s famous song “Terlalu Lama Sendiri” with rock arrangements on the instruments with Aziz MS’s rasp voice, it gave the song a totally new version. The show is continued by the artists bringing back their own original songs, “Asal British” by Zamrud, “Suster Dokter” by Zamrud, “Pulang” by Kunto Aji and lastly “Ningrat” by Zamrud. The show was ended by performing the song “Ningrat” with a slight twist, Kunto Aji as the vocalist which gave the song solace from Kunto’s signature voice. This performance was interesting as it is an unlikely collaboration and it sought attention but worked out really well in harmony.

The three performances are regarded highly remarkable since we have never seen or imagined such a collaboration. The world of music in Indonesia will continue to flourish with innovative concepts like this because the world of music will always feel fresh if there are new breakthroughs like this. Hopefully, more collaborations will be formed in the future.

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