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Understanding Sal Priadi's 'Kita Usahakan Rumah Itu'

An article written by Menik

Since his last album in 2020 and a couple of singles in 2021, Sal Priadi is back with another album called ‘Makers and Such’. The album that was released in March consists of three songs that revolves around his new life of being a husband and dad. In a press conference, Sal states that he wants his listeners to understand his thoughts through the obvious meaning of his songs. Changes in his writing style shows how much Sal has grown as a person since his last album where most of the lyrics are more sophisticated.

Sal’s inspiration for ‘Kita Usahakan Rumah Itu’ came from the thought of the dream home he hopes to have with his little family. The verse “Kita usahakan rumah itu, dari depan akan tampak sederhana.” shows how Sal wanted a home that's just the right amount for his family. Not too big but not too small, just enough. Filled with greenery, serene lighting and mostly love.

"Urusan perabotan dan wangi-wangian kuserahkan pada s'leramu yang lebih maju, tapi tata ruang aku ikut pertimbangkan, karena kalau nanti kita punya kesibukan," as the pre chorus tries to convey how Sal is putting his trust to his wife but still wanting to contribute with other things. Trusting the other person is just as important as having good comprehension and communication in any relationship.

Lastly, the bridge “Boleh kamu keliling dunia dan temukan banyak tempat-tempat 'tuk singgah sementara kamu boleh namai itu rumah selama ada mereka yang kamu cinta di dalamnya.” quotes the cliche saying of how home is where the heart is.

Sal was praised for creating lyrics that were true to himself. Even though the words were simple, it was clear that Sal put his heart and soul into them. They also think they can relate to it in a variety of ways. That being said, we hope that Sal can create something more in the future since Sal’s work is highly anticipated by his listeners.

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