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You – Debut Single By “ADDN”

written by Raihan Saviero

Arya Anindyo Asmoro, or “Addn” as he likes to be called, has released his debut single titled “You”. Currently a freshman at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Indonesia, the 2001 born newcomer has taken interest in music since he was a child, taking courses on piano and drums but stopping due to thinking he didn’t have the talent for it. Later he began learning to play the guitar on his own, until deciding to take a course on guitar after mastering the basic chord and keys by himself. Addn quickly stopped taking his course on guitar, being the type who gets bored easily. Thinking he could learn to play better on his own, his decision ultimately limited his abilities on the guitar going forward.

At first, Addn only made songs for his family and friends and published them on Soundcloud, but as time went by he then had the ambition of writing songs good enough to publish for public consumption. When he decided to do this, Addn doubted his abilities, later proving to be his most significant obstacle. After thinking about it over and over, Addn finally got over that obstacle and started believing in his abilities. He says that the process of making “You” was a short one and that he made it completely on his own.

His inspiration for “You” mostly came from his love life, depicting every joyful moment he experienced. He describes himself as “an ordinary man who puts emotions and feelings through music,” a description we agree with, seeing his feelings being clearly represented in his debut single “You”. The lyrics came from the memories of his girlfriend, the joy it brings when you feel like you’ve found the one, the sadness that comes from the thought of losing it, and an experience that makes him believe in love. This song truly could touch anyone’s heart, the lyrics have very deep meaning and it is something that everyone can relate to.

“You” is a story of a boy that falls in love with a girl, and tells about their interaction from the boy’s perspective. After releasing the single, Addn felt very happy that his creation could finally be heard by the public and personally felt great joy if other people could also enjoy it.

“Kedepannya harapan gua adalah semoga karir gua dalam bermusik dapat terus berlanjut dan semoga karya-karya gua dapat didengar oleh orang yang lebih banyak lagi.”

Addn is currently working on releasing a mini-album (EP) titled “Drowning With Memories” that tells about the struggle faced by someone who can’t get over his past. He says it will be released very soon, in fact just in a few days from now so you’d better watch out for that!

Addn’s debut single “You” is available on Spotify.

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